Green Bay Needs a Shuttle Too

Amid great fanfare, atlantisthe Space Shuttle Atlantis went on display at the Kennedy Space Center’s visitor complex yesterday. Seems like a perfect resting place. Atlantis will get lots of visitors who can do all sorts of other spacey things too, like watch a launch from Titusville, tour Cape Canaveral, or spend a day exploring the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

And the complex will get lots of other traffic from the zillions of people who visit Sea World and Disney and Universal every year.

But when I looked at a map of the shuttle retirement homes across the country, I found the Discovery in Virginia, the Enterprise in New York, and the Endeavor in California. That means the closest space shuttle to me and Amy is nearly a thousand miles away.

mapI’ve decided that arrangement is just a little too unfair. The West coast, East coast, and the South coast is covered, but there’s zero shuttle’s up here in the Midwest.

I’m proposing that we get one of those shuttles moved up here to the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay. The museum is a little small now, but we could add on a room or put it in the parking lot and keep it covered with a tarp.

There’d be lots of visitors. People who come to the Packers games could go check it out in between going to Stadium View and touring the Packers Hall of Fame. All the shuttle tee shirts and coffee mugs in the gift shop could be green and gold, and the Space Port Café could sell cheese curds and Miller beer. Sounds good to me. I wonder who I email to get the ball rolling?

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