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We’re the Astro Babes! Lynn & Amy – two women interested in all things related to astronomy and space.

But we are not astronomy experts! Astronomy and science is a hobby that we squeeze into the rest of our busy lives. We’re just in it for the fun, and to learn as much as we can.

One day we realized that we could share our enthusiasm with other women like us, women who did not choose astronomy as their career, but nonetheless have a deep passion and appreciation for the night sky.

And that’s why Astro Babes is here. And if you’re reading this blog and you’re a woman, then you’re an Astro Babe, too! Come join us!!

Lynn & Amy

About Amy

My background in Astronomy started back in the days of Apollo. I was ten when Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins made history. My dad got me looking up. I’d find him in the backyard with his hands in his pockets gazing at the stars. He’d point out a constellation or a star. He showed us the conjoined Soyuz-Apollo capsule gliding across the sky. He loved all things spacey too!

It wasn’t until I was older that my interest in astronomy took off. While I did have one astronomy class in college, my real education started about ten years ago after I joined my local astronomy club. Here, my mother’s influence kicked in. As an educator she believed that you never stop learning even after the graduation ceremony. I remember sitting in my first meeting as a club member thinking to myself “I want to give a talk someday”. Well, 8 or so talks later the Lynn and Amy show draws a nice crowd!

Much of what I’ve learned comes from the many hours of research I do for our talks. Sometimes the research takes a few years to complete as it does take a back seat to my busy life. I work full time as an accountant, and have raised two daughters.

So – I’m more of a self taught Astro Babe, but with my Dad’s curiosity of the stars and my Mom’s thirst for knowledge I’m excited to open this new chapter in our journey into all things spacey. I can’t to see what’s next!

About Lynn

After years of self-study and an Introduction to Astronomy class, I attended my first Astronomical League meeting in the early 1970’s in the Physics lab at UW-Sheboygan, WI. I was hooked.

I then took all of the astronomy classes offered at UW-Menasha. I helped out during shows in the old Barlow Planetarium (back in the days of starfield projectors). And if skies were clear, I trekked outside with the group and assisted during the tours of the night sky that followed.

Later, I took classes in astronomy and physics at Arizona State University, and developed an intense interested in spectroscopy. But alas, my dream of “following a career all the way up to the peak of Palomar Mountain” never came true.

I returned to Wisconsin and teamed up with Amy in 2001, and since then we’ve gone on quite a few astronomy-related adventures. We also give a presentation to the astronomy group each year (appropriately named the “Lynn & Amy Show”). This year’s presentation was an entertaining (and educational!) presentation outlining our three-day search for a piece of Wisconsin’s Mifflin Meteorite.

Now that we’ve teamed up again to create the Astro Babes website, I believe Amy and I are in for a whole new adventure!

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