Orion – America’s Spacecraft

Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls
Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls

After the sad story of the failed Antares spacecraft launch, I thought I would share some good news! On Friday December 5th, NASA launched the Orion spacecraft, also known as ‘America’s Spacecraft‘. The success of this quick mission is the first step in the long range goal of putting boots on Mars.

Our first goal was to develop a spacecraft that will take us out further than any human being has traveled so far, out past the moon. The Orion spacecraft will do just that.

Artist concept of Orion capture mission courtesy of NASA.
Artist concept of Orion capture mission courtesy of NASA.

The next step is to use the spacecraft in the Asteroid Redirect Mission. This mission is both exciting and, for me, a bit scary! It involves capturing a small asteroid and putting it in orbit around the moon in order to study it. Imagine, our own moon could have a small moon of it’s own! I say scary only because I just have this thing about the moon. I just don’t like the idea of messing with it. That’s a topic for another post.

NASA Photo
Orion Re-entry. NASA photo

As I watched the capsule descend to earth, it sent shivers down my spine. I knew that this was a huge step. One that will end with another “small step for a man”, our first step on Mars.

Congratulations NASA and thank you!


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