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Happy 100 to Us!

1914 patent for backless bra

Even though we’re living in a country with a 17 trillion dollar debt, Amy and I still think a hundred of anything is a pretty big number. For example, we were impressed when we learned that Smucker’s, the backless bra, Wrigley Field, and Mother’s Day all reach the century mark this year.

Just think about working a hundred-hour work week. Eeek! Or maybe needing to lose a hundred pounds. Would you like to commute a hundred miles to work everyday, or shovel a driveway that’s a hundred feet long? How about trying to do a hundred sit-ups, carry a hundred bricks into the backyard for the patio, or pay for that hundred gallons of gas you just pumped into your truck? Yep. A hundred is still a pretty big number.

smuckersTo bring this sudden fascination with 100 down to a personal level, Amy and I are excited because, besides 100 being written by the Roman Numeral “C” (which always stands for chocolate) this is a time of celebration for the Astro Babes because this is our 100th Astro Babe blog!

The first 100 blogs have been challenging but loads of fun, too. We’ve written about a lot of different topics and learned a lot. Hopefully you’ll be with us, dear reader, to see where the next 100 blogs takes us.

Lynn & Amy

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