Meteor Shower? More Like a Drizzle

Random Meteor

What do Twizzlers and meteors have in common? While you ponder that let me tell you about our night of meteor watching.

Friday night Lynn and I ventured out in the wee hours of the morning to join our fellow meteor shower hopefuls.  Most of them had been there awhile, taking in the beautiful dark sky with their telescopes and SLR cameras.   We showed up around midnight with lounge chairs, blankets and high hopes for a great show.

We both decided to use this time to log a few hours of observing for the A.L. Meteor Observing club. So, pencil and paper in hand we settled in and waited, and waited.

We had a show alright – but it wasn’t from the Camelopardalids. Thank goodness for the sense of humor that seems to have a common thread in all of us. The night was filled with quick bursts of Star Wars lines “just fly casual”, and streaks of running jokes from “Airplane” – “and stop calling me Shirley”.

Finally boredom led to eating (doesn’t it always) and the giant box of Twizzlers made the rounds. So here’s what Twizzlers and meteors have in common – two. I ate two Twizzlers and saw exactly two Camelopardalids.

Not a great show, but as Wayne says “no observations is still data”! So we’ll record our two hours of meteor watching and count it as time well spent under a beautiful night sky with fellow astronomy geeks.



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