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Promo for Cosmos
Promo for Cosmos

Every Tuesday for the past few years the Astro Babes have gotten together for a ‘meeting’.  We picked Tuesday because a local pizza place had $2 margarita’s. What better reason to get together than that?  These meetings started as a way for the two of us to go have margarita’s and pizza and talk about whatever needed to be discussed at the time.  Sometimes it was astronomy related sometimes not, but each week we had an agenda, took notes and planned the next meeting.

It was during these meetings that we planned our club talks and dreamed up some of our now famous adventures.  Sadly, the pizza place is no longer there, but Tuesday nights are still dedicated to our meetings. This past Tuesday we set aside our valuable Astro Babe meeting time to watch a live Q & A with the makers of the new Cosmos series.

This live webcast was watched by nearly 75,000 people – which could explain why neither of my tweets made it through! The webcast gave us a look at the new host, Neil deGrasse Tyson.  I have to say that I’m a big fan of his. He comes across as enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable in all things astronomical. I’m looking forward to the premier even more now!

We plan on doing some tweeting during the premier so if  you’re not already following us please do!

Have a great Cosmos party!


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  1. A Cosmos party is a great idea guys! I’m always looking for reasons to drink wine on a Sunday night.

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