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Comet Caucus

Left to right: Comets Linear, ISON, Lovejoy and Encke. Click on the image to see a larger image.

Comet ISON is getting a lot of attention in the news these days, but lately there were four comets visible, and it has been a great time to find some dark skies and go comet hunting.

Last week, our good friend Tony took these amazing shots of four comets that were hovering in the sky over his Quantum Skies Observatory in Pulaski. Thanks for sharing, Tony!

This comet montage includes:

  • Encke – 5 shots of 60 sec each
  • LINEAR – 5 shots of 120 sec each
  • ISON – 6 shots of 120 sec each
  • Lovejoy – 25 shots of 300 sec each tracking the comet itself

All shots were taken by Anthony J. Kroes on 11/8/2013 with a Canon T1i DSLR at ISO 1600 through a Tele Vue 127mm Refractor on a German Equatorial Mount. Images captured with BackyardEOS software, stacked and calibrated with DeepSkyStacker, processed with ImagesPlus and Photoshop CS6.


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