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Gravity – One Astro Babes Opinion

First I want to say that I did NOT read any reviews of this movie prior to writing this!

GravityThe premise of the movie is that Ryan (Sandra Bullock), an astronaut with only six months of training, is a Mission Specialist (MS2) with the crew of Space Shuttle Explorer. She’s been sent to add an enhancement to the Hubble space telescope. Side note: if you visit our Space Camp Adventure you’ll see that I also was an MS2 with the job of fixing the Hubble. So – using some really bad logic, I’m Sandra Bullock.

Back to the movie: There’s a bunch of space debris heading their way and they need to make a quick getaway. They do take some liberties with reality which you just have to ignore. Things like how things react in space and the likelihood of being able to maneuver from one space destination to another. That being said – the graphics are fantastic and the view of the earth are breathtaking. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play well of each other. He’s a seasoned astronaut on his last mission; she’s a novice with little training. He’s able to help her for a while, until, well let’s just say she needs to rescue herself.

Lynn and I both agree – more George Clooney please! We just don’t see enough of him in this film. Literally, just his head. The rest of him is tucked away in his space suit the whole time!

The real story here is not about how Ryan makes it home. It’s about her personal struggle with tragedy. The gravity of her life weighs on her. She carries the pain of her life with her. It shapes who she is and weighs her down.

The accident in space wakes her back up. It gives her the will to live and the strength to put the past behind her. When she finally makes it back to earth, she struggles to walk with the pull of the earth’s gravity making her legs feel like lead weights. But when we see her face, we know she’s finally free floating. She’s finally free of the sadness and full of energy to move on.

Either that or she’s just really happy to be home.

I recommend this movie, it was fun! I also plan on seeing it again.


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