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Ohio Fireballs Fizzle

Two fireballs streaked across meteoritethe night sky in Ohio last week: one on Sept. 26 and another on Sept. 27. The Astro Babes started crossing their fingers and hoping another Meteorite Road Trip was in their near future. But unfortunately, neither meteorite seems to be a candidate for a leaving a large number of sizeable meteorites in its strewn field.

One meteorite was moving too quickly and burned up, and the other was probably too small to drop any sizeable meteorites. Additionally, no meteorite finds have been reported so far, so there is not much hope that pieces from either meteorite survived the fall through the atmosphere.

To keep abreast of any new falls, Amy and I signed up for Yahoo! Alerts, and whenever a news story with keywords like “fireball” and “meteorite” shows up in the Yahoo! News feed, we receive an email. It’s a great way to quickly learn about any new falls in our neck of the woods.

Guess we’ll keep our meteorite hunting bags packed and our fingers crossed.

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