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Sputnikfest 2013

IMG_3718Last year we were only participants, but this year, the Astro Babes brought solar telescopes to Sputnikfest in Manitowoc.

Once the 3 p.m. Alien Drop crowd cleared out, we set up just a few steps away from the ring where the chunk of Sputnik IV landed in 1962 at the intersection of Eighth and Park streets.

The crowd was non-stop to take a peak at Venus or the sun through the three solar telescopes and the three projections that we set up. Tom from Appleton and Jim from Manitowoc brought their scopes and a sunspotter – thanks for your help guys! The rest of the equipment we borrowed from NPMAS.

Although there weren’t any sunspots to see, Tom’s Coronado revealed several CME’s that really impressed the crowd.







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