New Nebula Found!!

I’ve discovered a nebula! A bright, annoying glow that obscures the night sky in the fall. It’s magnitude varies, with the brightest nights coinciding with – football.

Yes, it’s the Lambeau nebula. It’s always been there, but lately it has increased in annoyance. To help all those fans in the nosebleed section see the game, they’ve installed a new scoreboard in the south end zone that looms above the stadium. The thing is that it has a jumbo-tron on it that the astronauts on the ISS must be able to see. I mean really, does the entire northern hemisphere need to see the play by play?

Geeeesh, it’s a good thing I actually like football. I am a Packer fan after all, so I’ll have to learn to live with the minor inconveniences that go along with living near the stadium.

Maybe I can get them to schedule their night games when there’s a full moon. The night sky’s already lit up then.

I’ll bring it up at the next shareholders meeting. I’m sure they’ll listen to me!

What do you think?


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