Family traditions

Whether it’s a favorite sweet potato recipe, picking names for Christmas out of a furry hat, or hanging the same decorations in the same spot every year, family traditions seem to come out and play this time of year.  Making a new tradition can be challenging and fun!

Since I’ve become somewhat of the expert on astronomical events in my family I try not to disappoint. Before each family gathering I check out www.heavens-above.com to see whats happening over head. I usually print a list of events such as a pass of the ISS or an Iridium flare. It’s quick and easier than making pie!  When the pass is about to happen, I try to coax as many family members as possible outside. This only works if the weather is mild, the meal is over and there’s no football!

Unfortunately this year the skies were quiet, no ISS and no flares!  That’s ok though, we still had great food and conversation.

I’ll give it a try again on Christmas – it looks like there’s going to be a couple of good passes of the ISS that night!  I hope it’s clear and I’m not too full of pie to move off the couch and go outside!

If any of you have added an astronomical family tradition to your celebration please let me know! I’d like to share all your great ideas with all our astrobabe friends!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season – and don’t forget to look up!


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