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What’s up?

I got an email from a friend the other day. It contained a link to a NASA website where I could register to receive emails or text-messages every time the International Space Station passes over my house.


It reminded me that most non-amateurs aren’t aware of the rich resources that us amateurs have at our disposal. We’re out there on the Internet looking for spacey news and websites and find interesting links everyday. We then pass the good ones on to others at meetings or during presentations.

Amy and I originally intended to include a Links & Resources page on this blog site, and I guess it’s time that we actually add one. Although I’ve only primed it with a few links, we’ll be adding to it over the next few weeks and will even blog about sites that we find especially useful or interesting.

I’ve been using the Heavens-Above website for many years to find dates and times of satellite flyovers. In fact, for a while there Amy and I even used it to track the $100,000 tool bag that was dropped by astronaut Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper during her spacewalk outside the ISS in 2008.


Our Links & Resources page will only be as good as its content, so we’d really appreciate it if you’d send us your favorite sites so we can add them to the links page and share them with everyone.


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