Beginning Astronomy


We’re the Astro Babes! Amy & Lynn – two women interested in all things related to astronomy and space.

Ten years ago, we both walked alone into a local astronomy club meeting that was predominantly men. As lone women and new members, we teamed up to attend a club pizza party, and over time, we both found it convenient to have another woman to attend club events with. Eventually, we became good friends.

But let’s be clear – we are not astronomy experts! We’re just in it for the fun, and to learn as much as we can. Astronomy and science is a hobby that we squeeze into the rest of our busy lives.

Recently, it occurred to us that there are other women like us out there – women who did not choose astronomy as their career, but nonetheless have a deep passion and appreciation for the night sky. And that’s why Astro Babes was born.

We’ll be adding features highlighting some of our astronomy adventures, including Lynn & Amy go to Space Camp, and Lynn & Amy Search for Meteorites. We are also going to blog regularly about astronomy and space news that we find interesting, and you are welcome to share your thoughts and ideas. After all, if you’re reading this blog and you’re a woman, you’re already an Astro Babe! Come join us!!

Lynn & Amy

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